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If you are using a through-the-firewall gas pedal, connecting up the throttle linkage rod is a piece of cake. But if the gas pedal assembly sits completely on the driver’s side of the firewall it can be a little more difficult. Bates has experience with both. Benson prefers a brand of pedal that goes through the firewall, while Schrader uses a brand that requires the throttle linkage to pass through the firewall and then connect to the pedal assembly.

The opposite end of the throttle rod connects both to the carburetor throttle control plate and the mechanism for the spring return. A two-piece bushing cradles the spring clip so the bolt connecting the throttle rod to the carburetor throttle control plate can be properly tightened down without cinching the spring clip. “To keep the clip rotating freely, some people will try only threading in the bolt part way and Loctite it in or something,” Bates explains. “They always manage to back out when you do that. It’s better to use some type of bushing to keep the clip rotating freely after the bolt is tightened down all the way.”

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