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Cal-Van Tools 946 Low Profile Inner Tie Rod Tool


Seating the SUBARU tie rod end tool onto the inner tie rod end

RandyFor the same price, the one the OP shows seems beefier. When you mix 2 metals, they practically get welded together with corrosion. I have removed many wipers and some came off easier than others. Most came off with the correct wiper removal tool, but not always easily. The others, as Yuri said, I had to use a tie rod end removal tool like this one:

Steering Tie Rod End Tool (T40255) by MOOG®. 1 per Pack. Upgrade your vehicle to MOOG and experience a safe and comfortable ride. The parts are made tough to ensure reliable operation even under extreme conditions. Thanks to the advanced design and precise engineering, each MOOG part fits right, without the slightest modifications to your vehicle.

MOOG® T40255 - Steering Tie Rod End Tool

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How to use a tie rod end removal tool

Changing the inner tie rod requires a special inner tie rod end removal tool with a crows bar, and the process includes the removal of the outer tie rod end as well. However with the right tools, it is a do-it-yourself job that anyone can do.

Tie Rod End Lifter Tool by Powerbuilt®. Ball Joint Separator is designed for separating ball joints from the spindle support arm on many import and domestic applications. This tool is adjustable up to 2 inches to accommodate different sizes of ball joints.