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Graber Super Heavy Duty Traverse Curtain Rod 84-156 Inch, White (Center Draw)


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Traverse rods consist of a pulley system that allows you to draw and close your drapes or curtains with a simple pull of a string. The drapes or curtains are hung on slides, also known as carriers, comprised of small pieces of plastic. Over time, these plastic carriers age and become brittle and break, leaving you with a drooping curtain or drape. While you can purchase an entirely new traverse rod, you can also replace the traverse rod slides in order to repair your traverse rod.

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Graber Extra slide pendants for decorative traverse rods Our Price: $4.43

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Traverse Rods

Transverse rods are used when your window treatment is a pinched or . Because drapes are usually made of heavy fabric, these rods must be stronger than typical curtain rods. The drapes are sewn in fixed, almost rigid panels. The panels are able to move along the rod on a special track when open or closed with a cord.

These authentic wrought iron rods are custom made to your exact specificiations. These sets include everything you need to complete your window treatments with style. Single and double traverse rods are baton drawn and can be center, left or right draw. Four beautiful colors include matte black, rustica (dark brown), pewter and oil rubbed bronze.