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The Truss Rod Wrench is a 1/4" deep socket wrench made by Stewart Macdonald for adjusting your truss rod on Deering, Vega, and Tenbrooks banjos.

When I there are different kinds of truss rod wrenches and in different sizes (4mm/5mm). How do I decide what to buy? Can someone tell me based on ?

Truss Rod Wrench - Deering® Banjo Company

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    Opposite sides diameter 8.0MM, 5/16 INCH = 7.94MM. Opposite sides diameter 8.0MM, 5/16 INCH = 7.94MM. Package included:1X Guitar Truss Rod Box Wrench Tool. Use: For Gibson ,Prs ,Esp electric guitar.
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    Cruztools GTAW5 Truss Rod Wrench 5mm, professional grade 5mm truss rod wrench, designed specifically for acoustic guitars with truss rod nut inside the soundhole, special ball-end tip allows for easy insertion into truss rod nut, screwdrive-style handle provides confident grip

    We generally recommend that you consult an experienced repair technician for truss rod adjustments, but if you know what you’re doing, a Taylor truss rod wrench is a handy tool for tweaking the amount of relief in your neck. Use it to adjust for different string gauges or to dial-in the right feel for your playing style. Features a ¼" nut driver on one end and a handy Phillips screwdriver at the other. Please note that Nylon Series and older Big Baby truss rods are accessed through the soundhole and require our longer wrench. Model# 82000 (regular) Black