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Rod Desyne Lockseam 2-Inch Clearance Window Curtain Rod Set, 28 to 48-Inch


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Measure the width of the window. Divide the measurement in half, this is your center measurement. Begin at one side of the window and measure until you reach your center measurement number. Make a mark on the wall above the window at this position. Use a pencil. Measure the valance rod length. Divide the rod measurement in half, this is your rod center measurement. Begin at one end of the rod and measure until you reach your center measurement number. Use a pencil to mark this position directly on the rod.

Valance rods and brackets are used to hang fabric window treatments. The proper placement of the hardware depends largely upon the length and width of the valance to be hung, the width of the window, and the placement of an existing curtain rod. Consider using decorative valance rods if your window treatment will allow them to show; otherwise standard hardware will be sufficient. Many valances can hang on almost any rod and can help create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere in a room.

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Rod for Valance

Slide the valance rod through the rod pocket on the valance. 

Complete Look

Hang the valance rod onto the upper rod brackets. Shape the swags from the top side to the lower center in a "U" shape to smooth out the curves and folds. 

You are done! Enjoy your beautiful window treatment.

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Measure the valance header (the fabric above the rod pocket). Mark the maximum mounting height for the valance rod and brackets. Measure the distance of the header measurement; begin at the ceiling crown molding (the trim at the very top of the wall) and measure toward the window. Mark this position. This is the maximum height the valance rod can be placed.

are window treatments that can be used alone or layered over drapes to top-off, finish or highlight your windows. can also provide additional insulation value by preventing cold or hot air from entering or escaping from the top of your window treatments. There are many different styles of . Here are some of the most popular ones that offers.

Pinch Pleated Valance – are ideal for more formal areas of your home because of its sophisticated shape. Use with .

Balloon Valance– got their name from their ballooned appearance when hanged. It softens the look of the room. Simply stuff the balloon valance after it arrives with crumpled tissue paper and make adjustments in gathers to establish the balloon effect. Use with 2” .

Continental valance– are characterized by its stylish swags and cascades. Use with extra-wide 4” rods called .

Embassy valance– are known for its gathered fabric without any ruffles for a sleek and clean appearance. Use with extra wide 4” rods called .

Halo valance– are custom short curtains created to be a valance. They have beautiful ruffles at top and the fabric gathers across the valance rod. They add a uniform and classic look. The halo valances require a 2" .

Scarf valance - are "free form" valances that create clean pleat lines and a gracefully, flowing appearance.

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