Vertical Rod Holder with White PVC Liner

Berkley Black Vertical Rod Rack


Berkley Vertical Rod Holder - A real space-saver

Our is also a very popular system and the only one on the market like it. The single planer plus comes in 4', 5' and 6' masts. All 3 sizes have 3 vertical rod holders and the 6' version includes a net holder that can also be used as a 4th rod holder. The single planer plus combines our all aluminum reels and pulleys with our vertical rod holder system. The vertical rod holders replace the need for additional "bird tree" type rod holders and reduces the number of holes that need to be drilled. The vertical and horizontal adjustability of the rod holders allow the angler to position the actively trolled rods away from the tow line and provides significantly more rod tip separation than most bird trees and horizontally mounted rod holders. As with all of our systems the reels are pre-spooled with 150' of 200 lb dacron florescent green tow line.

Our has the added bonus of our vertical rod holders. The system comes with 2 vertical rod holders that are adjustable vertically and rotate 360 degrees around the mast. All of our planers come with under rail support plates and 5" X 5" bases. The mini mast planer also accepts a net in the top of the mast. Our rugged all aluminum reels are pre-spooled with 150' of 200 lb dacron tow line.

Seachoice® Vertical Mount Rod Holder - Sportsman's Guide

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Vertical fishing rod holder for up to 8 rods

Our is built with a super strong mast that is 2" OD and 6' high. It comes with fully adjustable aluminum reels and pulleys. The aluminum reels are pre-spooled with 150' of 200 lb dacron tow line. With an adjustable pulley the angler can set the tow line height to meet individual reach requirements. Both the pulley and the reel is adjustable 360 degrees around the mast for ideal positioning. The base is 5" X 5" and comes with an under rail support plate. The mast can be cut down to any height or custom size masts may be ordered at no extra charge. Don't forget that our accessories like the net holders, vertical rod holders and lights may be added at any time. Once mounted the mast is removable in seconds for storage and security. Picture not available.

The has the same features as our Dual reel planer but includes our vertical stack rod holders. The rods being trolled off the boards can be positioned in any direction to easily avoid the tow lines. This system has the added advantage of eliminating the need for gunwale rod holder systems especially on boats with limited mounting solutions. All of the components stacked on the planer mast are adjustable vertically and rotate around the mast 360 degrees. All of our dual planer masts come with our all aluminum reels pre-spooled with 150' of 200 lb tow line..